Current Projects

Commercial Projects

Archbold Biological Station

Project: Historic reroof of Rand and Generator Buildings, Archbold Biological Station, Venus, FL
Project involved the removal of existing roofing on two historic buildings. Both buildings were reroofed with a Ludowici flat clay roof tile with custom-made bonnet hip pieces.  Rand Building also involved the installation of a 20 square flat-lock soldered copper roof.

FSU Housing Replacement Phase I

Project was new construction and consisted of the installation of 440 sqs.  of  Ludowici Classic XL Clay Roof Tile, 40 sqs. of  Siplast flat roof system, and eight custom door entry overhangs.
Custom copper work consisted of 3000 lf of K-style gutter, 4000 lf of downspout and 60 collectors.
FSU Housing Project Photos

University of Florida, Heavener Hall

Project is new construction and consists of 230 sqs of Ludowici clay roof tile, a Siplast flat roof system and 1,000 lineal feet of 20oz. custom copper gutter and downspout.

Heavener Hall Photos

University of Florida - Mechanical Aerospace & Engineering Building 720

Project consisted of tear-off existing roof system and installation of 170sqs. of Sarnafil PVC roof system.

Vance Federal Bldg & Courthouse Rehabilitation,  Birmingham, AL

Project consists of the removal and replacement of 240 sqs of slate roof, replacement of copper barrel dormers on 29 dormers, removal and installation of 150 sqs of Johns-Manville modified bitumen roof system and installation of 200 sqs. of Henry rubberized asphalt roof system. This project is a historic renovation.                                                                                                                                               

Vance Federal Bldg & Courthouse Rehabilitation

FSU Wildwood Phase II

Project consists of flat roof and concrete tile roofs on new construction dormitories. Project involves installation of plywood sheathing on pitched roof areas and installation of Hanson concrete roof tiles (300 sqs). Siplast roof system installed on 50 sqs. of flat roof area.

Convent Reroof, Mission San Luis, Tallahassee, FL

Project consisted of the installation of pressure-treated pine shakes on the convent roof, a part of the Mission San Luis historic site.

University of Florida - Materials Engineering Roof Replacement Bldg 719

Project consisted of the installation of new Siplast modified bitumen roof system (120 sqs). Replacement of roof top fans and duct work.

University of North Florida, Osprey Fountains Dormitory Complex

New construction installation of 800 sqs of metal roof and 350 sqs of Siplast modified roof system with LEED certified cap sheet, over lightweight concrete.

Project 11

Psychology Building, FSU Campus, Tallahassee, FL

New construction roof consisting of decking, lightweight, tile, copper roof panels, built-in copper gutter and paver system as well as a Siplast modified roof system on flat roofs.

Project 11

Residential Projects

Residence in Lake City, FL

Custom ultra thick slate roof, Chinese Multi-color Slate. Installed in a wave course pattern on a Private Residence.

New construction residence in Tampa, FL.

Installation of 100 year-old reclaimed peach-bottom roof slate and copper dormer roofs.

Project 08

Oceanfront Estate in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Installation of a custom-color Ludowici French clay tile roof. Roof turrets were complex and required installation of graduated roof tiles.

Oceanfront Estate

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